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Flooring Installation Calgary

We offer high-quality flooring installation services in Calgary. TTS – Flooring Division is a company that prides itself on delivering exceptional results. Our team of professionals combines expert insights with years of knowledge and experience to handle any flooring installation project, no matter how big or small. We offer a range of flooring materials and services from installation to repairs that will ensure that your new floors in Calgary look great and last.

What’s more, a TTS – Flooring Division, we offer a wide range of flooring options to suit any style and budget, from hardwood and laminate to luxury vinyl. Additionally, we also provide expert advice on choosing the right flooring type for your specific needs. When it comes to quality flooring installation in Calgary, TTS – Flooring Division is the number choice.

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Dan G.
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Great service by TTS – Flooring Division - Flooring Installation Calgary. I had a botched staircase from horrible contractors and TTS – Flooring Division literally came in and fixed it up within a day at a very competitive price. They were clean efficient and I highly recommend. Looking forward to working with them again. Thanks for a stress free renovation.
Evan L.
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TTS – Flooring Division and his team were fantastic. Very knowledgeable team about flooring and was very helpful in helping me select the ideal flooring material for my apartment. I highly recommend TTS – Flooring Division to every one who need floring installer in Calgary!
Sam W.
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My floors look gorgeous! I had no idea a sanding and refinish could transform our space as much as it did. This team was in and out within about 36 hours... so easy to work with!
Nancy E.
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TTS – Flooring Division - Flooring Installation Calgary Team was very responsive and answered all my questions promptly and patiently. I have to ask them the last min to do the sanding and refinishing and my floor ended up beautiful. Highly recommend!
Mike O.
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This company provides quality from start to finish, I called them looking to replace my floor, Bruce came out with samples the very next day and we signed the contract on the spot. They were able to submit the paperwork to my building and get approved right away, when the crew got to my apartment they did the job very fast and left the place spotless needless to say that my new floor looks AMAZING. All I have to say that if you are looking for a reliable company that provides quality work and great customer service TTS – Flooring Division - Flooring Installation Calgary Is the company to use.

What Can we Install


For those who want to add warmth and elegance to their space, we offer a variety of hardwood options. Our experts can help you choose from different styles, colors, and finishes to ensure your new hardwood floors match your unique taste. With our flooring installation services, your floors will stand the test of time.

Luxury Vinyl

If you’re looking for a flooring option that’s durable and affordable, then luxury vinyl is the way to go. Plus, it’s resistant to scratches and spills, making it the perfect choice for high-traffic areas. With TTS – Flooring Division’ luxury vinyl flooring installation in Calgary, you’ll have a floor that looks great and can withstand your busy lifestyle.


Laminate flooring is an excellent option for those who want the look of hardwood or tile but are on a budget. Our laminate flooring installation in Calgary will mimic the look and feel of real wood or stone without the high cost. Laminate flooring is also incredibly durable, making it the perfect choice for homes with children or pets.


TTS – Flooring Division doesn’t only offer flooring installation in Calgary. We also provide top-quality flooring options for your stairs. From hardwood to carpet, our experts can help you choose the right flooring type for your stairs, ensuring they look great and are sturdy and safe to walk on.

Additional Hardwood Flooring Services

Flooring Demolition

Removing old flooring can be a messy and time-consuming process. That’s why TTS – Flooring Division offers flooring demolition services to help you get rid of your old flooring quickly and efficiently. Our team uses specialized equipment to complete the demolition process safely and effectively without causing damage to your walls or other surfaces.

Flooring Repair

If your flooring is damaged or worn out, we also offer flooring repair services to help restore your floors to their original beauty. Our experts can repair damaged areas, fill in gaps, and fix any other issues that may be affecting your flooring. With our repair services, you’ll extend the life of your flooring and save money on costly replacements.

Flooring Renovation

TTS – Flooring Division can also help with your flooring renovation project. Our team can provide you with a wide range of flooring options to choose from, including hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, and tile. We’ll work with you to choose the perfect flooring type and design to fit your unique style and budget.

Popular Flooring Options for Homes

At TTS – Flooring Division, we understand that the foundation of a beautiful room starts with the perfect flooring. Our extensive selection of flooring products, including elegant hardwood planks, versatile vinyl plank options, and eco-friendly cork, caters to every homeowner’s taste and functional needs. Each flooring type is carefully installed over a properly prepared subfloor, ensuring longevity and performance. From the initial estimate to the final trim and molding, our skilled installers use high-quality adhesives, tools, and techniques to ensure seamless transitions between rooms. Homeowners are encouraged to visit our showroom or explore our website to find inspiration and detailed information on the vast array of flooring types we offer, designed to complement every area of your house, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Pros and Cons of Different Flooring Materials

Choosing the right flooring material for your home involves weighing various factors such as durability, maintenance, aesthetic appeal, and cost. Hardwood flooring brings a timeless elegance to any space but may require more maintenance and can be prone to scratches and heat damage. Vinyl flooring offers a durable and water-resistant solution, perfect for busy kitchens and bathrooms, with a variety of styles available at different price points. Cork flooring, while providing a unique look and excellent insulation, might not be suitable for areas with heavy furniture or high foot traffic. At TTS – Flooring Division, our experienced staff are on hand to provide homeowners with comprehensive information, including pros and cons for each material, to help make an informed decision. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our meticulous installation process, from ensuring a level subfloor to the precise fitting of baseboards and moldings, all backed by a solid warranty for peace of mind.

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Looking to upgrade your flooring but need help with the demolition, repair, or renovation process? Look no further than TTS – Flooring Division. Our Calgary team does it all, from flooring installation and repair to demolition! Our team of experts are here to provide you with top-quality service and expertise to ensure your flooring project is a success.

We have years of years experience helping people install the flooring of their dreams. We work with speed and care to deliver quality results every time. So book an appointment today and get a free quote! Your satisfaction is our priority.